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Jobjuice's focus on high quality business content, practicality, ease of navigation and interaction is unique. With Jobjuice you can:

Learn & Review

  • Easily review high quality MBA level content in bullet point format.
  • Navigate easily with color-coded and cross linked cards.
  • Search quickly using keywords.


  • Group cards according to your preferences.
  • Select "favorite" cards for quick access.


  • Reference material anytime, anywhere.
  • Flip through random cards to test memory.
  • Practice typical questions.

Ace the Interview

  • Navigate the interview process.
  • Learn what to expect and excel in your interviews.

Students & Job Seekers

I use the app as a refresher and a reference. Very well done. I found the content direct and accurate and the flashcard method very helpful in retention.

Wharton MBA -
Consultant McKinsey & Company.


Consulting Case Interview

Over 30 cards taking you through the key elements of a consulting case interview. Based on Marc Consentino’s book Case in Point -- referred to as the case preparation ‘Bible’ for business students by the Wall Street Journal.

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Strategy & Consulting

Over 80 cards covering diagnosis, strategy, implementation and results. Includes a complete strategy & consulting interview section.

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Finance & Investment Banking

Over 60 cards with finance, accounting and valuation frameworks and concepts. Includes a complete finance and investment banking interview section.

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Marketing Strategy

Over 55 full-color theme cards packed with marketing frameworks and business concepts. Includes a complete marketing interview section.

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Salary Negotiation

Over 80 cards with expert advice and strategies to negotiate the starting salary or raise you deserve!

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Career Services & Coaches

Give your students the tools they need, in the format they want!
The Jobjuice Career Service Program allows you to distribute
Jobjuice Apps and Decks to all your students and career
coaches for a low annual enrollment fee. It includes many
benefits and huge savings.

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Jobjuice Decks: Business Reference and Interview Guides for MBAs

Review key concepts anytime, anywhere... and ace your job interviews with Jobjuice Decks. Available in Investment Banking, Consulting, and Marketing themes.

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