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Work your online brand like an MBA

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With the extensive use of social media, personal branding has become a key element of an MBAs’ career development success. With 93% of recruiters looking at candidates’ social profiles, MBAs are finding themselves out in a job market where they are being evaluated not only by their knowledge and skills, but by how well they keep their online professional persona.

Get great recommendations for your MBA LinkedIn profile

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References are key for MBA students and new MBA graduates. Chances are you may have only a few years of work experience when you start job searching and professional references can make a big difference when applying for a position.

Common Mistakes Recent Grads Make

Jobjuice MBA Job Interview Prep Tools

Woohoo you made it! You have your diploma and you are going to conquer the world. Well, you just might but then again, if you aren’t prepared, you might not. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but you still have a long way to go and much to learn. Here are a few pointers on common mistakes that recent grads before you have made and how you can avoid them.

Make the best of your On-Campus Interviews

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On-campus interviews are a great way of connecting with employers and landing an entry-level career position, internship or summer job.

MBA Graduates: Research your way to a better salary

MBA REsearch, MBA Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is a standard part of the hiring process, yet many candidates fail to prepare properly for it before a job interview.

Alumni relationships and your MBA career

MBA alumni relationships, networking

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of joining an MBA program is being able to tap into its alumni network. Still, many students and graduates fail to take advantage of alumni relationships to jump start their careers.

How Linkedin Can Help The College Student Job Search

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Studies show over half of college students are either unemployed or underemployed. Despite this, 46% of college students are not using LinkedInCollege students should be using LinkedIn to access and receive alerts on job listings, but there are many other reasons too:

Adding Skills To Your LinkedIin Profile To Show Fit

Jobjuice Social Media Job Search

LinkedIn is the best place to start networking since most recruiters use this network to search for candidates. The network is specially designed to showcase your professional profile in a way that helps you show fit. One of the easier ways to do this is by adding specific skills to your profile using LinkedIn’s Skills & Expertise tool.

4 Benefits Of A Summer MBA Internship

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Despite the growing trend of MBA students taking advantage of the summer break to start up businesses, most students still choose to apply for internships.

Targeting an Industry In Your MBA Job Search

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In today’s competitive job market, shooting out resumes everywhere will not land you a job. Targeting your job search is critical to the success of your job search. Focusing your job search in a particular industry will help you demonstrate fit with the position and the company and that alone will boost your chances of catching the recruiters’ attention and ultimately getting the job.

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