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Consulting Job Interviews: How To Work A Case

Posted by Rodrigo Palma

Mar 26, 2013 3:44:00 PM

One of the top challenges for MBA students wishing to land a consulting job is how to effectively tackle cases during the job interview. Doing so requires a method that will not only produce a sound solution to the case, but at the same time show the interviewer that the candidate is able to lay it out and present it in a thorough and professional manner.

The Ivy Case system is a very effective system widely used by MBA students to prepare for case interviews. The Ivy Case System was created by Marc Cosentino, top case interview expert and author of Case in Point. The Wall Street Journal refers to Case in Point as 'The Bible' every MBA needs to ace consulting interviews and the best selling interview book has helped thousands of MBA students land their dream consulting jobs.

The Ivy Case System is based on 5 key steps as shown on the infographic below.

Marc Cosentino and Jobjuice have created the Consulting Case Interview App: a quick reference summary app with all the key concepts you need to work on a case. You can learn more about the App and sign up to be notified upon release here.

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