With over 25 years of experience coaching and preparing thousands of top MBA students, Cosentino offers you the expert advice you need to land a job in the competitive field of management consulting.

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Ace your Consulting Case Interviews!

Thorough preparation and practice is key to acing job interviews. This is especially important for consulting case interviews where candidates are expected to provide sound, well structured business solutions for specific problems and scenarios within a limited timeframe.

The Jobjuice Consulting Case Interview App is a complete quick reference guide developed in partnership with Marc Cosentino, the renowned Consulting Case expert whose Ivy Case System© and Consulting Case books have helped thousands of business students and professionals ace their case interviews and land dream jobs at top consulting firms.

The App is based on Cosentino's book Case in Point, referred to as the case preparation 'Bible' for business students by the Wall Street Journal. The App takes you through the key elements of a consulting case interview so that you know what to expect and then teaches you a proven method to effectively analyze and solve business problems. Cosentino's Ivy Case System©, included in the App, helps you organize your analysis in a way that you can layout a Case and its solution in a consistent and professional manner.

The app also provides you with interview tips specific to consulting and case interviews plus case tools you will find useful in your case analysis. If you're a business student or graduate looking to break into consulting, the Jobjuice Consulting Case Interview App is an indispensable tool for successful case interview prep.

10 things you can do with your Jobjuice Consulting Case Interview App:

  • Learn how to prepare and how to perform during the case interview
  • Understand the anatomy of a consulting interview and learn what consulting firms are looking for
  • Explore the different types of case questions and scenarios and learn how to apply the Ivy Case System- the most sensible and comprehensive case interview strategy you can learn
  • Learn how to make an impressive start, take effective notes, ask the right questions and ensure that you approach the case in an organized and logical way
  • Organize and deliver your answers in a clear and professional manner
  • Master the case interview process and use a proven system to tackle even the most challenging business cases
  • Use the “quick reference” format to easily browse through topics
  • Review case interview strategy on the bus, in a meeting, at lunch, in class…anywhere, anytime
  • Use the practice section to flip through random cards to test your memory
  • Easily navigate through the summary bullet points with built in links and cross-references

Master the Consulting Case Interview and Land Your Dream Job! See what’s inside… The deck index groups all of the Consulting Case Interview cards into the following sections:


The Consulting Case Interview. Gives you an overview of the Consulting interview process and interview tips to help you prepare.


Case Questions. Details the case commandments, the types of case questions you will get during a Consulting interview, plus tips on how to approach them and how to take notes and organize your answers.


The Ivy Case System©.Walks you through Marc Cosentino’s case solving system, details the key case scenarios with examples and provides you with the steps to solve them. This section also gives you great tips to help you present your answers in a sound and professional manner.


Additional Tools. Presents extra frameworks and tools that you can use to analyze business problems and solve cases.