"This deck is a great help for people preparing for a marketing position, as well as an excellent quick reference for people on the job in marketing and general management."

Mikkel Pilemand
V.P Marketing
Carlsberg Group - Denmark

The App contains over 50 themes with cross-referencing to reinforce the links between marketing and business concepts.  It is very easy to navigate and contains a series of functionalities that make marketing interview practice fun and easy!

10 ways Jobjuice Marketing makes a difference:

  • Review marketing on the bus, at lunch, in class…anywhere, anytime.
  • Access over 50 cards with MBA content in easy “quick reference format”.
  • Navigate deck easily and quickly via cross-referenced links.
  • Great reference and learning tool for exams, papers and group projects.
  • Review the interview section to ace your marketing interviews.
  • Group your cards by subject matter or case question.
  • Refresh on key marketing concepts and frameworks before a presentation.
  • Review marketing concepts to prepare your marketing plan.
  • Use practice section to flip through random cards and test your memory.
  • Search key topics with built in search engine.

See what's inside...

The Marketing App comes with over 55 theme cards packed with marketing concepts.

The Deck is divided into 4 quick reference sections (and a complete marketing interview section!)

marketing app menu
  • Understand your environment.
  • Analyze the situation using available tools i.e. 4C's, 4P's.
  • Evaluate using economic, quantative and research toolds to weigh alternatives, segment, target and position.
  • Implement your marketing mix strategy to position your product/service successfully.

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