"You will never make money faster than when you are negotiating!"

Roger Dawson

Power Negotiating expert, speaker, author

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The Salary Negotiation App is a key tool for getting a great starting salary or salary raise.

The app covers all the stages of the job search, interview, offer and salary negotiation process and provides a wealth of expert closing tactics and gambits to help you gain the upper hand when negotiating your future income. The Salary Negotiation App teaches you how to become a powerful yet professional negotiator and helps you gain an amazing ability to get what you want.

10 things you can do with your Jobjuice Salary Negotiation App:

  • Access over 80 cards filled with closing and negotiating techniques
  • Use the “quick reference” format to easily browse through topics.
  • Use the practice section to flip through random cards to test your memory.
  • Learn how to get the interview, get the offer and respond effectively.
  • Plan a sound salary negotiation strategy and understand the employer’s mindset in a negotiation.
  • Identify elements that give you power as a negotiator.
  • Know when and how to tackle problem issues.
  • Negotiate effectively and in a professional manner.
  • Become more valuable to your employer or prospective employer.
  • Get to a yes without coming across as greedy, selfish or aggressive.

See what's inside...
The Salary Negotiation App is divided into the following sections: